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Winterizing, purging your residence, how does it work?

Yzibox manages the general opening and closing of the water supply to your residence. It is simply fixed in your home.

The box generates an air pressure which will purge completely  your water network (hot and cold water) your appliances  3 to 5 minutes.

Controllable by push button, key but also by wifi, smartphone or voice assistant, it will allow you to remotely manage the purging of your residence at will without the presence of residents. This will allow your employees to be redeployed to other activities.

yzibox purge et hivernage mobil home

Why Yzibox?

No stagnant water in your networks according to the decree of 1 February 2010 relating to the monitoring of legionella.

The manufacturer's warranty for the equipment (example: boiler) preserved because no handling has to be done to bleed.

10-year repairability index.

Yzibox product warranty: 2  years

Yzibox and its connection?

explication branchement technique.jpg

Designed  to be Plug & Play, Yzibox can be easily connected to any type of residence.

1) Connection of the automatic opening / closing management valve of the water supply to your residence.

2) Connection of the automatic opening / closing valve  air inlet to purge your network.

3) Connection of the automatic purge opening / closing valve of your installation.

Just follow our assembly guide

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