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Mobil home, bungalows, chalet, house, apartment, drain, natural drain without product

Wintering, how to purge, drain or winterize your installation with ease, serenity and safety.
Yzibox automatically purges your mobile homes, motor homes, chalets, bungalows, houses, apartments and much more.

YZIBOX  Unique purge concept

It's easy, it's YZI

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Winterizing, purging your residence, how does it work?

Designed  to be Plug & Play, Yzibox can be easily connected to any type of residence.

Yzibox and its connection?

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Yzibox (1) is placed  simply in your mobile home, chalet, bungalows  and  generates air pressure (2) which will completely purge your water network  hot and cold water (3) from your devices  in 3 minutes.

Just follow our installation guide.

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Simple and functional

Controlled by REMOTE CONTROL  but also by WIFI, SMARTPHONE or VOICE ASSISTANT, it will allow you to remotely manage the purge  of your residence at will.

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Our products, a guarantee of quality

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What there is to know

- 2 years warranty
- Made in France
- CE standard
100% Natural and without Disinfectant
Wet chlorine, bleach water and extracts, ozone in the presence of humidity , can have a slight corrosive action on common metals, plastics (elastomers (valve seals)), synthetic materials and can cause symptoms on humans (sources INRS toxicological sheets 43 , 51 and 157 ) .
- Against Legionellosis , the purge limits the proliferation of the bacteria which develops only in the presence of stagnant water at a temperature between 25 and 45 ° C (source ARS ).
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What should you do ?

to easily manage the purge of your residence

installer yzibox
To install
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purger yzibox

The Yzibox store

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For individuals

The kit, from € 199.90 incl.

Soon available on our online store.


For professionals

Rent or buy? You choose. Kits available to equip 10 mobile homes in nomadic version. Funding possible, contact us to receive a personalized offer.

Domotech France

We are listening to you !

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