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Remove the metal cap on your main water inlet valve, which is located on the side as in the drawing, reference A.

Connection of the Yzibox "Serenity" version kit

It's simple, it's YZI

purge en 3 minutes yzibox.jpg
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Easy assembly in 30 minutes

branchement version manuelle.jpg

Drain for wintering in 3 minutes



Screw the valve supplied with the kit at this location as in the drawing, reference B.

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Place the box inside your residence close to an electrical outlet and access to your external valve as in the reference drawing C.

Connect the 220V / 12V power supply unit to the box and connect to the electrical outlet as in the drawing, mark D.



Pass the flexible hose through the floor of your home  (grid provided or make a 10 mm diameter hole)

Press the hose onto the barbed end as shown in the drawing, mark E.

photo 4 e.jpg

You can now use Yzibox according to the kit purchased (see instructions for use provided ). Your mobile home (residence) will be purged in just 3 minutes (advice and recommendations will be given in our manual for a complete wintering).

Welcome to the YZIBOX community.

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